Changing Accountant

If you already use a chartered accountant for your compliance work but would like to change provider then we really really want to assure you that the ‘hassle factor’ of changing is not that significant – the process is quite simple and all chartered accountants have clear procedures to follow and will remain completely professional throughout.

Once you’ve decided to move all that happens is…

(1) You contact your old accountant (an email is fine) and provide details of the companies and services you wish to move and from what date.

(2) Your new accountant will contact your outgoing accountant to request professional clearance (this gives your old accountant the chance to courteously highlight any issues they may have faced with their outgoing client).  It’s designed to weed out unscrupulous clients so that they don’t just move around from accountant to accountant.

(3) Your new accountant will be bound to follow anti-money laundering procedures. It’s straightforward enough so long as you can provide them with proof of identification, proof of address and a copy of any company certificates of incorporation that are relevant to the work being transferred.

(4) Your new accountant will send you an engagement letter to sign covering all the services to be provided and sets out who is responsible for what.

(5) Your records will be transferred from your old accountant to your new accountant.

And that’s it.