Grant Management

Grants are great aren’t they? Who doesn’t love free money!  However, accessing them can be a tricky process and it helps if you’ve done your research:

Who’s offering grant funding at the moment?

Schemes open and close as funds are used up. Some run to an annual application process. We can provide an assessment of the current public/charitable sector grants that may be relevant to you.

What activities/items could I get funded?

We can help you identify if there is a relevant project in line with your business goals that will fit in with an existing grant scheme.

What is the selection criteria?

We can help you understand how your application is likely to be assessed and hence help you tailor your application accordingly.

How do I apply?

We can guide you through the entire application process to help make sure you present the absolute best case possible for your project.

What are my responsibilities if I am awarded a grant?

Grants come with specific conditions attached that are set by the funder to ensure the money gets used in a way that is in line with their interests.  Ensuring you comply with their conditions and can maintain adequate financial records to evidence this is crucial to ensure you don’t end up having to pay the money back.

MTD Scotland can help guide you through all of this – please get in touch to discuss your requirements.